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By the Pound

Chef's Choice or Your Choice

Choose your bulk Proteins, Vegetables and or Carbs.

Custom Meal Builder

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Build your meals to you, your nutritionist or personal trainers specifications. Choose your favorite proteins, carbs and or vegetables in your unique portion size along with one of our toppings if it fits your macros.

À la Carte

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Choose from our top selling features from the á la carte menu and bring some fun food to your diet!

Meal Packs

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Select 5, 10, 15, 20 plus meals that can be delivered up to a 50 mile radius or picked up from our Haverhill, MA location.

Weekly Subscriptions

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Want to reduce the time you spend on making food. Let our chef's create your meals based on your preferences. We take account your allergens, dislikes, likes and previous history to give you the best meal possible.

Ashley A.

I tried the food for the first time today and the food was delicious! It was fresh, well prepared and presented. The mix of flavors was so delicious. I was struggling with food. As a grad student I don’t have time to cook and prepare my food every day to eat healthy food and to keep my diabetes under control. You made it so easy!

Greg C.

As a recent college graduate who’s in the fitness industry my body composition and physique is more than just important to me- my job pretty much depends on it. When I first moved here and i was dealing with all of chaos a move causes I joined up because of the convenience they offer. When the chaos of the move dialed down and I began to think about my other nutritional options I realized that is easily the best- I don’t have to cook, don’t have to plan and most of all I don’t have to prep. The customer service is second to none, the customization options are endless and the portions are just the right size.

Houston A.

When I signed up last month, I didn't disclose my weight or the fact that my diabetes was at a crisis point. I was astounded to hear that you could meet the terms of the restricted diet my Naturopath prescribed for me. One month in, I'm down 13 lbs and fighting on. Given my family history, I expect to be with you the rest of my days.

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